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Specializing in Heel Pain and Diabetic Foot Care

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Dr. Bergman started his own practice in Alexandria in 1973. He graduated from California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco, after earning his Bachelor's of Science degree from University of Houston. He completed his residency program in Philadelphia at Parkview General Hospital, then he moved to Louisiana.


To make an appointment, please call us at

We are located at 1406 Peterman Drive in Alexandria, off of Jackson Street Extension.

Please bring your insurance cards, picture ID, and list of medications to your appointment.

We accept cash, checks, and 

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Frequently Asked Questions that you may have, too:

Does Dr. Bergman take my insurance?
  We take most insurance, but it always a good idea to check with the office or your insurance carrier before your appointment. We do not take Medicaid or Tricare if one of these is your PRIMARY insurance.
Will Medicare pay for foot care?
  Yes, if you have a qualifying systemic disease (diabetes, poor circulation, neuropathy, etc.) that is diagnosed by your family physician. Additionally, you must have seen your primary care physician within 6 months, and know the EXACT date of that visit. If you have some sort of infection or problem (other than thick, fungal nails or corns/calluses), Medicare will pay without this restriction.
Do I need a referral from my primary care physician to see Dr. Bergman?
  Only if your insurance carrier requires it.
How much time will I spend in the waiting room?
  Usually no more than 15 minutes. However, if there is an emergency, or if you come before your appointed time, it may take longer.
I want the x-rays I paid for, why canít I have them?
  You paid for taking and reading the x-rays. They are property of Dr. Bergman.
I am a Diabetic; can I get a pair of shoes covered by Medicare?
  We will be glad to write a prescription for you to get diabetic shoes. The distributor of the shoes can decide if you qualify. We do not sell shoes.
If I need surgery, do I have to go to the hospital?
  Surgery is usually done in the office or at an outpatient surgical facility.


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